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he "Emerging from Darkness: Making Space for Grief" was organized by The Sanctuary for Independent Media, co-created by the People’s Health Sanctuary program of NATURE Lab, and co-sponsored by Urban Grief, Troy 4 Black Lives, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Capital District, NAACP, North Central Little League, Team H.E.R.O., Troy Bike Rescue and NATURE Lab’s People’s Health Sanctuary.
In many cultures, gifts of food are often a balm to those experiencing a loss. We hope that the sweet treats can give a reprieve to the constant anxiety of this pandemic, which compounds many other existing economic systemic issues including food insecurity. We emphasize that these offerings are for anyone who wants them, regardless of need because everyone deserves something nice. Admittedly, C does the bulk of the baking while I coordinate the logistics and do a lot of cleanup. What recipes we choose is something we plan together. Truly, the epitome of a successful team effort.

C and I were featured for our baked goods contributions to the Free Food Box at Freedom Square in Troy which is apart of an art installation sponsored by The Sanctuary for Independent Media and other community orgs.

While the feature didn't cover it, since the Summer 2020 BLM protests, I have been more involved with community efforts towards direct giving and mutual aid. My background is in policy and I personally believe in incremental change via progressive legislation. However, in these unprecedented times during the pandemic, both C and I felt that folks in our community needed help now. So on top of donations to community orgs doing the work on the ground and more volunteering, we have been making food for bake sales benefiting nonprofits in Upstate NY, doing direct services, organizers and attendees at local protests, and the Free Food Box. Community building, making the effort to get to know and genuinely care for your neighbors is the only way to build foundations of collective power.

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I was one one of the founding editors of The New Scene, which was a reboot of The South End Scene, formerly Albany's longest running independent Black newspaper. I built the website and digital infrastructure, as well as volunteer my time as a managing editor for the paper.
The New Scene Vol 1 Issue 1 Front and Back.pdf
The New Scene 2 COMBINED.pdf
Copy of The New Scene acs final 11x17.pdf

Center for Law and Justice, August 2019

During my time working at the Center for Law and Justice, I managed the majority of their social media, organized their website, and contributed to their publication of their 2019 survey report on public safety [right].
CFLJ Pathways to Reformative Change 2019.pdf
CID Conference Packet.pdf

Graduate Capstone Project, April 2018

Working with the Center for International Development and two of my MIA program mates, we organized an academic conference on the correlations between human trafficking and violent extremism and exploring how it could be dealt with on a policy level. My principle roll on the capstone project was creating all the visual materials for the conference, including organizing all the information on the CID website's event page, creating digital and physical advertisements, putting together the day-of presentation slideshow, and creating the information packet that was given out during the conference [left].

US Consulate Guangzhou, September 2017

I was a part of the press team that filmed and photographed Ambassador Branstad's first visit to the consulate in Guangzhou.
I helped plan and put together this Hispanic Heritage Month event, including submitting the budget, coordinating decorations and educational materials, coordinating guest presenters, and doing the logistics for catering. With over 300 Chinese participants, it was the most well attended event that quarter, though I had already left China when it occurred.

Illuminated Maps: Cultural Geography Projects, Spring 2016

While laid up recovering from an ACL reconstruction surgery after a tennis injury, I decided to make my rather simple map memorization project into an art project. I really enjoyed researching and reproducing regional Native art and indulge in the kind of details that made old timey maps worth looking at and to wonder over.
Mediums: Watercolor base map, marker and ink border illuminations, printed and penned map details on top tracer paper

Folk Literature Final Project, Spring 2013

A comic book I wrote and illustrated of common Filipino folk tales, superstitions, and myths which I grew up with.
comic final.pdf

Literature Editing and Publishing, Fall 2012

Self-published collection of blackout poetry utilizing pages from the Clarkson N. Potter, 1960 edition of the Annotated Sherlock Holmes by William Baring S. Gould and created using Adobe Illustrate.
Sherlock Chapbook .pdf

AERO Institute's Aeronautics Academy at NASA Ames: June-August 2012

NASA Ames Academy Profile Book 2012.pdf
I put together the Aeronautics Academy profile book which included bios of the team, journal entries from the research associates during the course of the 10 week program, and research project summaries of the viability of civilian tiltrotors, data from a renovated anechoic chamber, and an Alaskan airspace mapping application.
Nilo Poster.pdf
"Research" poster presenting my work as the project manager for Ames Research Center's first Aeronautics Academy.