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"If you can't be the best, at least be interesting."

My name is Mia Nilo. I'm indeterminably 30 and this is my website. Check out the About Page for my full resume.

My 11th grade English teacher, Mr. House, told us to try anything and everything before you settle into a career. He also taught all of us to tie ties, which he promised would be a more useful life skill than anything we learned in high school. Given how right he was about the ties, I took his career advice to heart and have given most things a go, including joining a K9 search and rescue squad in San Diego and running a neighborhood newspaper in the South End of Albany. 

On my off time, I like non-monetized artistic pursuits, token attempts to be healthy (such as hiking or falling off the pescatarian wagon every weekend), traveling, cooking, drooling over other people's cooking, eating, reading, watercolor, biking, puzzles and obsessively writing down all my experiences and thoughts into content which I am collecting here.

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